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Our Alliances

We have partnered with five organizations with deep experience serving New Yorkers to further our commitment to building alliances and collaborations with communities.

Anchor Alliances:

Borough of Manhattan Community College

is a college that is alive with ideas and innovation, and supportive of the innate human striving for self-improvement. BMCC reflects the best of downtown Manhattan: the culture of Tribeca, the vibrancy of Wall Street, and the promise of the Statue of Liberty. BMCC, a Minority and Hispanic-Serving Institution, welcomes students from the New York City area and all over the world. BMCC has students from over 155 countries, who speak a variety of languages.
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Center for Independence of the Disabled, New York

is a nonprofit organization founded in 1978. They are part of the Independent Living Centers movement: a national network of grassroots and community-based organizations that enhance opportunities for all people with disabilities to direct their own lives.

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The Interfaith Center of New York

is a nonprofit organization that seeks to overcome prejudice, violence, and misunderstanding by activating the power of the city’s grassroots religious and civic leaders and their communities.

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The New York Immigration Coalition

is an umbrella policy & advocacy organization that represents over 200 immigrant and refugee rights groups throughout New York.

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Foundational Alliance:

Lenape Center

is an Indigenous nonprofit organization fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts. For 14 years, their work has focused on symposia, public art, exhibitions, music, opera, theater, education, and publications, collaborating with New York City institutions.

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A white man wearing black pants, black sweater, and a black blazer stands and looks to his left in front of a purple background

“Building a performing arts center in this location was a promise to all of New York City. From the day we began working on the artistic season, we simultaneously committed ourselves to developing relationships in our community and creating dialogue around our events and performances”

Bill Rauch, Artistic Director, PAC NYC