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A cube-shaped tan marble building with symmetrical brown patterns across all sides under a clear blue sky next to an autumnal leafed tree

Our Land Acknowledgement

PAC NYC stands on the former sea-gardens of the Lenape people, whose past, present, and future generations we honor. We are mindful that this island, in the center of the Lenape homeland Lenapehoking and including what is currently named the World Trade Center, has long been a gathering and trading place for many tribes.

We commit to repair and regeneration – through our actions as well as our words – for the entire local Indigenous population, the largest of any city on Turtle Island.

Why a Land Acknowledgement?

As we celebrate the values and culture of Native communities, we acknowledge the painful history of broken treaties, displacement, and genocide of Indigenous people. A living land acknowledgement includes ongoing actions that can help to open hearts. In collaboration with Indigenous partners, we hope to contribute to a meaningful present and a worthwhile future of dialogue, learning, reflection, and inclusion. We strive to model the Indigenous tradition of this land with an organization that is welcoming and open.

We also acknowledge the federally recognized Lenape communities of Delaware Tribe of Indians, Delaware Nation, Stockbridge-Munsee Community Band of Mohican Indians, Delaware Nation at Moraviantown, and Munsee-Delaware Nation.