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Our Mission

Perelman Performing Arts Center (PAC NYC) creates connections

  • by cultivating bonds between extraordinary artists and communities
  • with exemplary performances in active dialogue across the arts
  • in our flexible intimate spaces, inviting conversation and new relationships

Our art and our audiences reflect the dynamic energy of all five boroughs of New York City. We invite everyone to join us as we celebrate creative expression from around the world.

PAC NYC is where the world trades ideas. 

Our Vision

PAC NYC is a new home for emergent and established artists in theater, dance, music, opera, and multi-disciplinary performance from New York and the world.

We produce, present and partner
We work with local and international artists and organizations.

We are flexible
Our building has three intimate, flexible theater spaces which can be combined and configured to create a range of unique experiences for audiences and be fully responsive to artists’ creative visions.

A place to gather
We welcome the local community, artists, and visitors from around the world to our programming and special events.

Our Values

Our Values inform every aspect of how we work with our teams and artists, greet audiences, and engage with our wider community. We will reflect on our progress and lean into opportunities to grow.

Come as you are
PAC NYC aims to approach each encounter with care and curiosity. We affirm that every individual brings value to the artistic ecosystem, whether in the office, backstage, onstage, or in our audience. We lead with reflection, courage, and joy.

We welcome you
PAC NYC commits to creating a welcoming environment for everyone, rooted in respect and empathy. We aspire to make our spaces and programs inclusive and accessible for all.

We create art that unites
PAC NYC has the responsibility to produce work that reinforces social resilience, embraces complexity, and continually surprises. Our artistry crosses disciplines, the five boroughs, and the world.

Civic Alliances

PAC NYC strives to build meaningful relationships with community organizations and institutional stakeholders across all five boroughs and throughout the greater New York City metropolitan area.

From programming that honors the lived experiences of diverse communities to accessible ticket pricing and invitations to organizations to perform or hold events on our Lobby Stage, the work of our Civic Alliances team deepens the impact of our projects and highlights organizations working towards compassion, innovation, kindness, inclusion, and creativity across New York City.

Our Civic Alliances program includes ongoing relationships with a small number of anchor organizations we are committed to learning from based on their deep experience serving New Yorkers, and project-based alliances that will create dialogue and programming around specific PAC NYC events, performances, and productions. Learn more about our anchor and foundational alliances.