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Achiro P. Olwoch


Achiro P. Olwoch is a Ugandan writer, playwright and screenwriter currently living in exile in New York. She tells stories that start conversations, often writing about subjects that her part of the world calls forbidden. A former air hostess who hates flying, Achiro knows full well how to turn uncomfortable situations into a story.

The name Achiro is short for Achirochan which means ‘the resilient one’. This best describes Achiro who was born in exile and when they returned lived in exile within her country because of the ongoing civil war in her homeland and now finds herself in exile. Regardless she keeps going and turns every trial and triumph into a story. When she is not writing, Achiro is reading. Like her favorite authors, Chinua Achebe, Ngugi wa Thiongo and her late father, she delights in writing history and present day politics in story. She is currently the Weiss International Fellow at Barnard college.