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Four people wearing neon colored outfits

Alphabet Rockers

Grammy Award-winning Alphabet Rockers make music and content that makes change. Led by Kaitlin McGaw (she/her) and Tommy Soulati Shepherd (he/him/they), Alphabet Rockers create brave spaces to shape a more equitable world through hip hop. Alphabet Rockers’ music inspires kids and families to stand up to hate and be their brave and beautiful selves.

Their 2018 Grammy-nominated album, Rise Shine #Woke, has reached 300,000 children and families since its release. Their 2020 Grammy-nominated album, The Love, lifts up voices of our trans, two-spirit and gender non-conforming community. The Movement, their 2023 Grammy-winning album, amplifies restorative justice and is a soundtrack for a reimagined world of belonging and justice.