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Notes from The March Choreographers

From Tendayi Kuumba, Choreographer

I’m honored to create this work alongside such Powerhouse choreographers. Donna and Annie-B, such an honor to share this moment in time together and absorb all that has gone into building this dancing trifecta. Additionally, Annie-B, I thank you for pulling me into the fold of this magical project. Greg Purnell, I’m forever humbled and grateful for you. A huge role in the many fibers shaping the world of NYSea from the costumes, sounds, and designs. In a haze of ideas, you sage the space with clarity and the brilliance of your genius light in the creation of this work is felt. Brooke and Kendra, my iconic duo bookend captains, I’m grateful for your “YES” and being a grounded container for this work and its deeply appreciated. This phenomenal cast, such beauty and generosity, I’m blown away by your dynamic collective synergy — it warms the waters of my soul. Here’s to another trip with Uflymothership!!!

From Annie-B Parson, Choreographer

Nothing is made alone, and this one was especially and joyfully collaborative. I welcome Tendayi Kuumba to the process, who I had the great luck to meet through American Utopia, and Donna Uchizono, who was an ever-inspiring part of the 1980’s Dance Theater Workshop world of young choreographers where I grew up. I would like to give incalculable gratitude to Lizzie Dement, Stacy Dawson Stearns, and devika wickremesinghe for their rich artistry and unfailing partnership (and fun!) in creating this work; and to Sara Pereira da Silva for patiently, gracefully engineering the giant push of the biggest Big Dance piece yet. I give my love and thanks to the power team of Lilach/Daria/Ilana and to Bill Rauch for his kindness. I would like to thank Wolfgang Tillmans and Linda Bryant for their easy generosity. And to this amazing, beautiful cast—what a dream to be in the room with these dancers: Meg, Paz, Pam, Kashia, Devin, Kendra, Natalie, Brooke, devika, Stacy, Jenn, Mawu, Jin Ju, Isabel, Chanel, Hsiao-Jou, and Joanna.

From Donna Uchizono, Choreographer

I’m humbled by the openheartedness and commitment of the performers. A genuine thank you and admiration for your focus, contributions, and dancing. And words fall short in my debt and gratitude to the wonderous dream creative team of Natalie Green, Joanna Kotze, and Levi Gonzalez. I deeply love and cherish you. A big thank you to okkyung lee, who created a rich musical sound environment and Abi Stinnett for her assistance in the crazy making of the costumes. To Annie-B, who magnanimously invited me to share in this project, Tendayi with her gorgeously positive outlook, Sara who steered and navigated us through sometimes tricky terrain, and Lilach who kept rehearsals organized with kindness and care. And I couldn’t get by without Becky’s friendship, Jodi’s company, and Gina’s counsel. And most of all, how deeply grateful I am to my dear, dear, daughter Tara who brings new wonders into my life every day and teaches me that a beautiful day is like “summer with humor in it.”