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Between Two Knees

Feb 3—24, 2024

By The 1491s
Directed by Eric Ting
The Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Yale Repertory Theatre Production

An outrageously funny ride through American history by the acclaimed intertribal sketch comedy troupe The 1491s (Reservation Dogs and Rutherford Falls).

Coming to PAC NYC following runs at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Yale Repertory Theatre, McCarter Theater and Seattle Rep, this play centers on one family’s story of love, loss, and resilience spanning the 1890 massacre at Wounded Knee, forced re-education at Indian boarding schools, World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam and the American Indian Movement occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973. Directed by Obie Award winner Eric Ting and infused with the 1491s’ boldly uninhibited comedy, this New York City premiere takes a hard look at the effects of systemic oppression long after our textbooks typically stop teaching Native history.

Also, it’s funny.

A PAC NYC Production.

Photo of The 1491s by Shane Brown.

Content Advisory

This production contains theatrical haze; strobe light effects; blood; gunshots; profanity; depictions and graphic details of violence against Native peoples including war, genocide and massacres; depictions of death and gun-related violence; depictions of Native American boarding schools; use of aggressive and stereotypical anti-Native rhetoric; pedophile priests; Nun-ja fights; country line dancing, ballet, hip hop, traditional powwow; Vaudeville; prophecies; surprise revelations; loud rapping; 31 wigs; over 300 props; Disney princesses; mime wolves; a bison; a rapture; and a really big explosion.

Prepare to be challenged, confronted, enlightened, shamed and, above all, amused.

Hartford Courant

An uproariously funny and irreverent comedy that cranks the jokes out at a fast and furious pace.

The Siskiyou Daily News

The 1491s
Four men stand in a variety of positions in a concrete room. Furthest to the left, a man with a cowboy hat laughs while the man immediately next to him has his arms crossed over his chest. He is wearing a textured hat, a thick necklace, a dark colored short sleeve button down shirt and jeans. Tothe right of him, stands another man who has his right hand on the wall next to him. He is wearing a Fedora, blazer, dark button down shirt, and jeans. Next to him is a man in a blazer, t shirt, and jeans.
The 1491s Authors
Ty Defoe
An indigiqueer individual with dark hair pulled back into a low ponytail wears a burnt orange sweater and stares straight ahead with a slight smile.
Ty Defoe Choreographer
Eric Ting
An Asian man with a wide smile and glasses looks down
Eric Ting Director

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