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Program B

Jan 11—12, 2024

Korea National Contemporary Dance Company
Choreographed by Lee Kyungeun
South Korea

P is for pop D is for dip
By Kia LaBeija
Original Score by DonChristian Jones
Creative Direction by Taína Larot
Starring Kia LaBeija and Ehizoje Azeke
Produced by MusmGftshp

Tickets for Program B: BreAking and P is for pop D is for dip are Pay-What-You-Wish, ranging from $15 to $120 per ticket.

Run time: 60 minutes

​​Celebrate the multitude of street dance movements emerging from New York City and beyond with Motion/Matter: Street Dance Festival, featuring legendary DJs, epic battles, and concert dance premieres.


“Don’t fit myself into the world. Do it the other way around!” Contemporary dance, street dance and traditional Korean music combine to break the rules.

Korea National Contemporary Dance Company and next-gen choreographer Lee Kyungeun urge you to break away and be the creator of your own rhythm. BreAking brings together a virtuosic team of artists who imagine, play, and deconstruct the world as they break-up, mix-up, and shake-up the status quo. With music by Lee Ilwoo, of the traditional Korean folk, post-rock band Jambinai, and featuring five contemporary dancers and three top street dancers (including the amazing DROP of Go Junyoung/ Uptown Family), BreAking will transport you to a fantastic new reality where rules are made to be broken.

P is for pop D is for dip

Pop Dip and Spin, referred to as The Old Way, is the original art form known as Voguing. P is for pop D is for dip, a theatrical work by Artist Kia LaBeija, explores connections — and missed connections — between her love of Voguing and her relationships with those who have paved the way. Kia is accompanied by movement artist Ehizoje Azeke with creative direction by Taína Larot and original score by multimedia artist DonChristian Jones. Produced by MusmGftshp. This is a World Premiere work commissioned by PAC NYC for Motion/Matter.

BreAking photo: Aidan Hwang, provided by KNCDC.
P is for pop D is for dip photo: Kia LaBeija


Korea National Contemporary Dance Company
Korea National Contemporary Dance Company
Lee Kyungeun
Lee Kyungeun Choreographer


Kia Michelle Benbow
Kia Michelle Benbow Artist
Ehizoje Azeke
Ehizoje Azeke Featured Movement Artist
DonChristian Jones
DonChristian Jones Composer
Taína Larot
Taína Larot Creative Director

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