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Is It Thursday Yet?

Dec 8—23, 2023

Co-Created, Co-Choreographed, and Performed by Jenn Freeman
Co-Created, Co-Choreographed, and Directed by Sonya Tayeh
Composed and Performed by Holland Andrews

Run time: 75 minutes

A dance of discovery. A brain in motion. A life on the spectrum.

Is It Thursday Yet? is a stunning tapestry of dance, live music and home video footage that invites you into the unique complexities of dancer and choreographer Jenn Freeman’s life following her Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis at age 33. Since then, she has navigated an endless sea of epiphanies, examining childhood memories through this new lens.

Scored with original live music from composer and vocalist Holland Andrews with a set by Rachel Hauck (Tony Award® winner, Hadestown), this engrossing new work is co-created and co-choreographed by Freeman and the electrifying Sonya Tayeh (Tony Award winner, Moulin Rouge!) on as Director.

A PAC NYC Commission.

Learn more about Jenn’s Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis and how it informed the creation of this uplifting, dance-theatre production in its World Premiere at La Jolla Playhouse before coming to PAC NYC. Read the San Diego Tribune feature

Additional audience resources for Is It Thursday Yet?

Is It Thursday Yet? – social narrative

Additional production support for Is It Thursday Yet? is provided by the Harkness Foundation for Dance.

Photo of Jenn Freeman by Matthew Murphy.

Design Team

Rachel Hauck – Scenic Design
Márion Talán de la Rosa – Costume Design
Cha See – Lighting Design
Melanie Chen Cole – Sound Design
Joseph DiGiovanna – Media and Projection Design

Post-show Discussions: Dec 15 and Dec 20

Dec 15
Is It Thursday Yet? co-creators and co-choreographers, Jenn Freeman and Sonya Tayeh, discuss the inspiration, themes and creative process behind this electrifying new work.

Dec 20
Jenn Freeman (co-creator, co-choreographer and performer of Is It Thursday Yet?) joins Holland Andrews (composer and performer of the production’s original live music), and Price McGuffey (percussionist and performer) for an inside look at the creation of this stunning tapestry of dance, live music, and home video footage.

Production Advisory

This production contains loud sounds, some flashing lights, and moments of darkness.

A collaboration between two badass choreographers at the shiny new Perelman Performing Arts Center.

New York Magazine

Eclectically inventive. Freeman’s dancing is lyrical, masterful; precise, but also playful.

New York Theater

Deeply sincere and open-hearted. Freeman and Tayeh have taken a very serious and personal topic and skillfully developed it into an informative, moving theatrical work.

Fjord Review

A moving, cathartic journey of the mind. Is It Thursday Yet? is a testament to the liberating and life-affirming power of dance.

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Holland Andrews
A gender fluid individual with cropped dark hair, blue dangling earrings and a red shirt stares straight ahead with a neutral expression
Holland Andrews Composer / Performer
Jenn Freeman
A white woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes wears a black turtleneck and stares straight at the camera
Jenn Freeman Co-Creator / Co-Choreographer / Performer
Price McGuffey
Price McGuffey Percussionist/Performer
Sonya Tayeh
Sonya Tayeh Co-Creator / Co-Choreographer / Director

Can’t wait for Is It Thursday Yet? Get an advance look here!

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