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Lobby Stage

July 2024

Join us for an ongoing series of free entertainment and family programming on the Vartan and Clare Gregorian Stage in the PAC NYC lobby. Check the schedule below for times and details. Performances on our Lobby Stage are free and open to the public.

Our Family Programming Series is taking a summer break and will be back in September.

Header: Arjun / Park Avenue Artists’ Oscillate Series
Photo: Mariana Catalina

Fri, July 5

Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet – 5:45pm
Park Avenue Artists’ Spotlight

Latin Grammy Award® winner Pedro Giraudo Trio represents the evolution of tango, from its roots in the traditional Orquesta típica, then to tango nuevo as epitomized by Astor Piazzolla, and now to a contemporary sound that respects the past and looks to the future.

Sat, July 6

Nikita Lev – 8:00pm
Annie O Presents at PAC NYC

Nikita Lev is a New York-bred indie-rock/folk singer known for her compelling and haunting music. Her introspective lyrics and rich, lower-register vocals draw comparisons to artists like Lana Del Rey and Phoebe Bridgers. She has a hands-on approach to her music, often using guitar or piano to craft melodies and lyrics that evoke a sense of longing and nostalgia. With over 200 songs in her repertoire, Nikita continues to explore themes of love, loss, and introspection in her music, creating an intimate and relatable experience for listeners.

Thu, July 11

ono blu – 5:30pm
Park Avenue Artists’ Oscillate

onu blu is a musician, producer, and DJ based in Brooklyn via Long Beach, California. Their live sets are improvised sonic explorations using samples and live loops of guitar and vocals. Evolving collages of ambient sketches meet breakbeats and polyrhythmic bounces, offering a deconstructed twist on their wide-ranging sources of inspiration, including 90s ambient jungle, lofi tapes, and choral harmonies. Their recently released EP, titled last night’s dream, is available on Bandcamp with all proceeds going to Palestinian mutual aid for families surviving genocide in Gaza.

Photo: Lobo Incognito.

Fri, July 12

Yeller Tooth – 5:45pm
Old Songs, New Songs Series

Yeller Tooth is the musical collaboration of Sahar Milani and Cameron Scoggins – combining influences as varied as their backgrounds. Sahar, an Iranian/Lebanese-American, brings the rich textures of Middle Eastern melodies colored with Western pop/soul, while Cameron infuses the raw edge of Bluegrass and the casual coolness of the Country crooner. Most importantly, at the heart of Yeller Tooth’s music are stories—songs that breathe life into characters, conjuring narratives that resonate across cultures and histories.

Photo: Bailie de Lacy.

Sat, July 13

Brothers Koren and The Kin – 7:00pm
Annie O Presents at PAC NYC

2024 People’s Choice Webby Award Winners, Brothers Koren and The Kin, host an evening of songs and stories from their forthcoming live album, Long Way Home. Hailing from Australia, the Brothers Koren embarked on a journey that took them around the globe, sharing stages with the likes of Coldplay, P!NK and Rod Stewart. They are launching their new album in service of their Your Big Voice Foundation, creating opportunities for people of all ages and economic means to unlock their human potential through voice positive self-expression.

Thu, July 18

Leg Room – 5:30pm
Park Avenue Artists’ Oscillate

Leg Room have individually been playing records in their own homes and private parties for years. The two have a wide range of tastes and neither like being boxed into one category. In the second half of 2023, they were given a residency at Outer Heaven in Manhattan, NY and moved the party outside of private spaces and into the club. Since then, they have taken on some of NYC’s most renowned dance floors such as Silo, Cafe Balearica, Jupiter Disco, Black Flamingo and more. The thing about Leg Room is, the more you get the better you feel.

Fri, July 19

Musette Explosion – 5:45pm
Park Avenue Artists’ Spotlight

Musette Explosion explores and expands on the beautiful mid-20th century Parisian music known as musette, a combination of French, Italian, Roma, and African-American influences. This group brings the music to new places through virtuosic improvisation and original compositions, sonic surprises, and adventurous playing, always with a sense of fun and an emotional depth. Their debut album was featured in an interview on NPR’s Fresh Air and spent a week on Billboard’s “Jazz Albums” chart.

Sat, July 20

Forró in the Dark – 7:00pm
Annie O Presents at PAC NYC

One of the most exciting bands to come out of the wild late-night scene in the East Village of New York City, Forró in the Dark combines the driving dance rhythms of forró from Northeastern Brazil with a melting pot of rock, jazz, reggae, psychedelia, folk, and more. Encompassing exploration beyond the conventional, their instrumentation ranges from traditional percussion to more futuristic elements. Forró in the Dark’s music tells stories of love, heartbreak, and other various, sometimes comical examinations of life experiences – a universal celebration of the ups and downs of human existence.

Thu, July 25

syd – 5:30pm
Park Avenue Artists’ Oscillate

syd is a contemporary artist unbound by the limitations of a singular medium. With a strong passion for music, she applied her classical training to djing; growing an encyclopedia of music ranging from club, house, footwork, drum and bass, and techno. Her high energy sets are what set her apart from most DJs. Those sets come with energy, appreciation, love, and respect for her supporters.

Fri, July 26

First Life – 7:00pm
¡OYEME! Music Series

First Life is a dynamic hip-hop/jazz band formed in the heart of downtown Jersey City, New Jersey. The group features four talented members: Adam Lomeo on guitar, André Mayes on turntables, Emilio Guarino on bass, and Lateef Dameer on the MPC/drum machine. First Life emerged from a vibrant scene of performances and collaborations in record shops and local clubs, extending their reach from New Jersey to Brooklyn. Their unique blend of genres and exceptional musicianship has quickly set them apart in the hip hop music scene.

Sat, July 27

Jenni Muldaur – 7:00pm
Annie O Presents at PAC NYC

Jenni Muldaur has worked as a singer, songwriter, vocal arranger, and producer since her teenage years. She has recorded, performed, and/or toured with such icons as David Byrne, Elvis Costello, Maryanne Faithfull, Lou Reed, Todd Rundgren, Rufus Wainwright and Ronnie Spector. Most recently, her ease at gracefully sliding between genres has seen her move seamlessly from her lauded classic country album with Teddy Thompson on Sun Records to her much anticipated blues record currently in production.