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A series of polaroid photographs are overlaid on top of a piece of sheet music. The polaroid furthest to the left is of a person holding onto a microphone and singing into it. Next to it is a polaroid of a heavily populated field of sunflowers. Slightly on top of that photo is a man with curly brown hair in a kitchen and his right hand is up close to his face. The date on that polaroid is Dec 5 1996. Next to it, is a polaroid of a lake on a sunny day with someone jumping into the water. That is dates seven dash twenty dash eighty four. Slightly underneath that polaroid is a photo of three hands making shadow puppets
This event has passed

Number Our Days: A Photographic Oratorio

Apr 12—14, 2024

Music by Luna Pearl Woolf
Concept and Libretto by David Van Taylor
Based on Jamie Livingston’s “Photo Of the Day”
Conducted by Kamna Gupta
Directed by Ty Defoe
Co-Produced with Trinity Church Wall Street

Run time: 90 minutes, no intermission

Featuring John Holiday, NOVUS NY orchestra, and over 100 voices from Trinity Church Wall Street.

How can we hold onto each other with joy, even in the face of inevitable loss? Each day for 18 years, Jamie Livingston documented his life by taking a single Polaroid—until his death at age 41. Then his “Photo of the Day” went online, creating an immediate global sensation years before Instagram launched. With music for chorus, orchestra, and soloists by Grammy® nominee Luna Pearl Woolf (Fire & Flood) and a non-fiction libretto by acclaimed filmmaker David Van Taylor (Good Ol’ Charles Schulz), this multi-media oratorio explores our era’s strange alchemy of technology, memory, and community.

A PAC NYC commission.

Polaroid photos by Jamie Livingston.

Production Credits

Luna Pearl Woolf – Composer
David Van Taylor – LIbrettist
Based on Jamie Livingston’s “Photo of the Day”
Kamna Gupta – Conductor
Ty Defoe – Director

Claire Karoff – Scenic Design
Lux Haac – Costume Design
Brian Tovar – Lighting Design
Germán Martínez – Sound Design
Katherine Freer – Multi-Media Design
Linda Schaffer and Svenja Soldovieri – Creative Consultants to the Oratorio
Hugh Crawford – Curatorial Consultant to the Oratorio
Betsy Ayer – Production Stage Manager
Sam Benson – Stage Manager
Claire Soleil Gardner – Assistant Director
Ben Bauer – Associate Scenic Designer
Alex Fetchko – Associate Lighting Designer
Lindsey Eifert – Associate Costume Designer
Megumi Katayama – Assistant Sound Designer
Stephanie Beattie – Assistant Projections Designer
Dolores Jones, Michael DiFonzo – Dressers
David “Tater” Polato – Head Electrician
Kelley Prestridge – Head Audio
Dan Rao – Head Video
Mike Gorrell – Head Carpenter
Anton Graham – Head Props
Andy Leviss – Sound Mixer
Jason McGuire – Deck Audio
Jake Roberts – Lighting Programmer
Margaret Peebles – Light Board Operator
Nya Mullins, Shawn Salick – Spot Light Operators
Aliyah Curry, Ariana Swei – Production Assistants


John Holiday – The Inventor, The Singer

The Choir of Trinity Wall Street
Shabnam Abedi, Elisse Albian (The Widow), Elizabeth Bates, Eric S. Brenner (The Inventor – cover), Meg Dudley, Andrew Fuchs (The Curmudgeon), Matthew Goinz, Sonya Headlam (The Caretaker), Timothy Hodges, Steven Hrycelak (The Orphan), Nickolas Karageorgiou (The Blogger), Clifton Massey, Devony Smith (The Designer), Brian Mextorf (The Photographer), Edmund Milly (The Hedonist), Neil Netherly (The Curator), Molly Quinn (The Daughter 3), Kirsten Sollek (The Amnesiac), Pamela Terry (The Seeker), David Vanderwal, Tommy Wazelle, Jason Weisinger (The Oracle), Elena Williamson

Nicole Abissi, Brad Bailey, Brad Bailliett, Melissa Baker, Michael Davis, Aniela Eddy, Libby Fayette, Benjamin Fingland, Mario Gotoh, Pauline Kim Harris, Katie Hyun, Coleman Itzkoff, Micah Killion, Jennifer Liu, Jessica Meyer, Tomina Parvanova, Lisa Pegher, Kris Saebo, Serafim Smigelskiy, Chiara Fasani Stauffer, Andrew Trombley, Hanzhi Wang,Laura Weiner, Keve Wilson, Yezu Woo

Trinity Youth Chorus
Sofia Aguirre (The Daughter 2), Maia Blake, Riley Collins, Alana Conley, Cass Corso, Zina Devoe, Sophia Kadian, Philippa Katsaris, Shepherd Lamtam, Nayoung Lee, Julia Leopando, Heaven Martinez, Knox Roy, Kaeley Simon, Leah Singh (The Daughter 1), Kaileen So, Ebony Spicer, Coral Torres-Hara, Faline Torres-Hara, Nadia Verzhbalovich

Downtown Voices
Theresia Akhlaghi, Joshua Allman, Ian Barnes, Emily Bergmann, Paul Berryman, Mary Kathryn Bessinger, Sinclair Cabocel, Astrid Cook, Ciera Cope, James Crowell, Elise Crull, Eric Daffron, Julie Reumert Dichiacchio, Chris Dolci, Mia Farinelli, Sebastian Fite, Landy Guzman, Grace Honohan, Erik Jönsson, Inge Konther, Marty Kugler, Hannah Landes, Luana K. Lewis, Sarah Longstreth, Jeff Lunden, Gavin B. Mackie, Theodore Mankiewicz, Frank Martinez, Pamela Mosley, Shelley L. Mitchell, Monique Pelletier, Fauneil Purcell, Salonie Rego, Katelyn Rodrigues, , Mary Rose Yong, Erin Schwab, Carrie Sheeran, Nicholas Sienkiewicz, Mithuna Sivaraman, Theron Smith III, Erol Tamerman, Kate Theis, Will Theuer, Sydney Vollmar, Nicole Wakabayashi, Isobel Williams

Post-show Discussion: April 13

April 13
Melissa Attebury, Director of Music at Trinity Church Wall Street, joins Number Our Days composer Luna Pearl Woolf and conceiver, librettist David Van Taylor to discuss the inspiration, themes, and creative process behind this multi-media oratorio.

Production Advisory

This production contains theatrical haze and flashing imagery.

Creative Team:

Ty Defoe
Ty Defoe Director
Kamna Gupta
Kamna Gupta Conductor
David Van Taylor
David Van Taylor Librettist
Luna Pearl Woolf
Luna Pearl Woolf Composer


John Holiday
John Holiday
The Choir of Trinity Wall Street
The Choir of Trinity Wall Street
Trinity Youth Chorus
Trinity Youth Chorus
Downtown Voices
Downtown Voices

Design and Production Team:

Claire Karoff
Claire Karoff Scenic Designer
Lux Haac
Lux Haac Costume Designer
Brian Tovar
Brian Tovar Lighting Designer
Germán Martinez
Germán Martinez Sound Designer
Katherine Freer
Katherine Freer Multi-Media Designer
Betsy Ayer
Betsy Ayer Production Stage Manager
Sam Benson
Sam Benson Stage Manager

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