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She He Me

June 21 (8:00pm), June 22 (2:00pm), June 23 (8:00pm)

Written by Raphaël Amahl Khouri
Directed by Dmitri Barcomi

Tickets for She He Me are Pay-What-You-Wish, ranging from $24 to $129 per ticket.

Run time: 70 minutes with no intermission

Celebrate Pride Month, resistance, and love with National Queer Theater and PAC NYC.

She He Me is the first Arab transgender play. It follows the true stories of three Arab characters who challenge gender norms. Randa is an Algerian trans woman who is expelled under the threat of death from her homeland because of her LGBT activism there. Omar is a Jordanian non-binary person, who, rather than body dysphoria, suffers social dysphoria when it comes to the strict codes of masculinity imposed and expected of them by both the heterosexual and gay community around them. Rok is a Lebanese trans man. His main challenge is convincing his very conservative religious mother that her daughter is actually a boy. Through humor and horror, the three characters come up against the state, society, and family, but also themselves.

Originally developed for the 2020 Criminal Queerness Festival with Dixon Place.

She He Me  Photo: Kosmos Theater

Post-show Discussion: June 23

Members of the cast and company discuss the inspiration, themes, and creative process behind She He Me.

Content Advisory

Contains domestic violence, police violence and sexual abuse.

Raphaël Amahl Khouri
Raphaël Amahl Khouri Author
Dmitri Barcomi
Dmitri Barcomi Director
National Queer Theater
National Queer Theater


Shaan Dasani
Shaan Dasani Rok
Amaal Saifudeen
Amaal Saifudeen Randa
Louis Sallan
Louis Sallan Omar

Creative Team:

Riw Rakkulchon
Riw Rakkulchon Scenic/Props Designer
Jason A. Goodwin
Jason A. Goodwin Costume Designer
Moneé Stamp
Moneé Stamp Lighting Designer
Ryan Gamblin
Ryan Gamblin Sound Designer
Maria Mukuka
Maria Mukuka Dialect Coach
Ann C. James
Ann C. James Intimacy Director
Begüm "Begsy" Inal
Begüm "Begsy" Inal Dramaturg
Joseph Hayes
Joseph Hayes Casting Director
Vaibu Mohan
Vaibu Mohan Production Manager
Rose Oser
Rose Oser Producing Director, National Queer Theater
Adam Odsess-Rubin
Adam Odsess-Rubin Founding Artistic Director, National Queer Theater
Kevin Jinghong Zhu
Kevin Jinghong Zhu Stage Manager

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