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Waafrika 123: A Queerly Scripted Tragic Rise to African Fantasia

June 28 (8:00pm), June 29 (2:00pm)

Written by Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko
Directed by é boylan

Tickets for Waafrika 123: A Queerly Scripted Tragic Rise to African Fantasia are Pay-What-You-Wish, ranging from $24 to $129 per ticket.

Run time: Two hours and 45 minutes, including one intermission

Celebrate Pride Month, resistance, and love with National Queer Theater and PAC NYC.

On the eve of Kenya’s first democratic elections, the rural village of Luoland is brewing with tension. Although queerness ‘doesn’t exist’ in Kenya, Bobby, an American lesbian, falls in love with Awino, a trans man from the Luo tribe. To complicate matters, Awino’s father is the tribe’s Chief, who steadfastly enforces the tribe’s traditions and codes. When famine strikes, the villagers blame the queer couple, and Awino is sent away to be ‘circumcised’ by force. Will Awino and Bobby have to separate for the good of their community? Or will the village be forced to reckon with change?

Originally developed at the 2019 Criminal Queerness Festival at IRT Theater.

Waafrika 123, featuring TL Thompson (standing) and Shiro Kihagi (seated, right)  Photo: Sean Velasco-Dodge

Post-show Discussion: June 28

Members of the cast and company discuss the inspiration, themes, and creative process behind Waafrika 123: A Queerly Scripted Tragic Rise to African Fantasia.

Content Advisory

Contains depictions of transphobic, homophobic, and misogynistic violence, language describing sexual assault, and self-harm.

Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko
Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko Author
é boylan
é boylan Director
National Queer Theater
National Queer Theater


Tẹmídayọ Amay
Tẹmídayọ Amay Awino
Amari Flynn
Amari Flynn Mama Otieno
Bernadette Mira Hagen
Bernadette Mira Hagen Bobby
Le'Asha Julius
Le'Asha Julius Mama Opio
Shiro Kihagi
Shiro Kihagi Mama Mugabe
Christopher Tucker
Christopher Tucker Chief

Creative Team:

Riw Rakkulchon
Riw Rakkulchon Scenic/Props Designer
Jason A. Goodwin
Jason A. Goodwin Costume Designer
Moneé Stamp
Moneé Stamp Lighting Designer
Ryan Gamblin
Ryan Gamblin Sound Designer
Maria Mukuka
Maria Mukuka Dialect Coach
Ann C. James
Ann C. James Intimacy Director
Begüm "Begsy" Inal
Begüm "Begsy" Inal Dramaturg
Joseph Hayes
Joseph Hayes Casting Director
Vaibu Mohan
Vaibu Mohan Production Manager
Rose Oser
Rose Oser Producing Director, National Queer Theater
Adam Odsess-Rubin
Adam Odsess-Rubin Founding Artistic Director, National Queer Theater
Emani Brielle Simpson
Emani Brielle Simpson Stage Manager

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