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Good Medicine

Feb 9, 2024

Curated and hosted by Jackie Keliiaa
Featuring Jana Schmieding, Dallas Goldtooth, Brian Bahe, and Adrianne Chalepah

A one-night stand that’s so funny it hurts!

After wowing the West Coast, the smash-hit, all-Native stand-up festival Good Medicine brings the healing power of humor to PAC NYC for a one-night stand that’s so funny it hurts!

Jackie Keliiaa (Netflix, Comedy Central) hosts a hilarious lineup of the brightest stars in Indian Country, featuring Jana Schmieding (NBC’s Rutherford Falls), Dallas Goldtooth (FX’s Reservation Dogs), Brian Bahe (2022 New Faces of Comedy) and Adrianne Chalepah (Netflix, Amazon Prime). 

Brian Bahe
An Indigenous man with shoulder length dark hair wears a black tank top with white edges and the nike logo
Brian Bahe Comedian
Adrianne Chalepah
An Indigenous woman is standing against a blue multi-colored background. She has long dark hair and is wearing a dark pink short sleeve shirt.
Adrianne Chalepah Comedian
Dallas Goldtooth
An Indigenous man stands against a white backdrop. His dark hair is pulled back and he is wearing a blue button down shirt.
Dallas Goldtooth Comedian
Jackie Keliiaa
An Indigenous woman with long dark hair wears a black button down shirt with white tigers on it. She is standing in front of a purple backdrop
Jackie Keliiaa Curator / Comedian
Jana Schmieding
An Indigenous woman stands against a dark cream wall. She has dark hair that is in a bun and is wearing a purple t shirt, an orange jacket, and white beaded dangling earrings.
Jana Schmieding Comedian

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