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Lobby Stage

December 2023

Join us for an ongoing series of free entertainment and family programming on the Vartan and Clare Gregorian Stage in the PAC NYC lobby. Check the schedule below for times and details. Performances on our Lobby Stage are free and open to the public on a first come, first serve basis with limited capacity.

Photo by Peter Cooper.

Fri, Dec 1

Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf, Cello Stories: A Life Under Broadway – 6:45pm
Park Avenue Artists’ Spotlight

With twenty years of Broadway experience, and having performed as a regular member of twenty Broadway shows, Mairi explores what it is to be a Broadway musician. In this eclectic one-woman show, she will illustrate what drew her to a career of supporting a story through music, and show the variety of music that has become a part of her daily life.

Sat, Dec 2

The Bruces – 11am and 2pm
Family Programming – December Duos

Husband and wife team Morley and Chris Bruce aka The Bruces offer songs from their debut Family/Children’s album, Story of the Sky by The Bruces & Friends. The collection is a multi-cultural and inter-generational treasury of nineteen original songs in praise of inter belonging with one another and the natural world.

Sat, Dec 2

Las Palabras – 7:00pm
Annie O presents at PAC NYC

Rafael Cohen was born in Mexico City to Guatemalan parents. He started Las Palabras as a way to write simple songs in his native Spanish and explore his interest in the Brazilian and Latin American music he heard in his house as a child. His musical career started in the DC punk scene. For the last ten years he’s toured the world with !!! (chk chk chk), a New York City dance band.

Tue, Dec 5

Education Through Music – 4:30pm
Civic Alliances Presents

Education Through Music (ETM) is a nonprofit organization that partners with under-resourced New York City schools to integrate music education into the core curriculum. For over 32 years, ETM has provided in-school music instruction to underserved K-12 students who would otherwise not receive comprehensive music education as a part of their school experience.

Wed, Dec 6

Yi Zhou and Yimin Miao – 2:30pm
Civic Alliances and China Institute Present

China Institute proudly presents music performances led by acclaimed Pipa/Qin soloist Yi Zhou and Woodwind virtuoso Yimin Miao. Founded in New York City in 1926 by American educators John Dewey, Paul Monroe, and Chinese scholars Hu Shi and Kuo Ping-Wen, China Institute is an internationally-renowned U.S. nonprofit organization dedicated to deepening the world’s understanding of China through programs in art, business, cuisine, culture, and education.

Fri, Dec 8

Nebulous – 5:45pm
Park Avenue Artists’ Spotlight

Nebulous is a traditional string quartet in its instrumentation but with a sound far from traditional. In the ever-evolving world of music, Nebulous has emerged as a quartet that challenges conventions and pushes boundaries. Claudius, Kely, Noah, and Fabienne are more than a group of musicians; they’re true emotion architects, weaving intricate stories through their strings. Nebulous offers more than just a musical experience; it’s an invitation. When you listen to Nebulous, you’re drawn into the present moment, where you can experience both the familiar and the unknown. Listening to Nebulous provokes shivers down your spine, as your heart beats in perfect harmony with their rhythm. In the realm of Nebulous, music isn’t just heard; it’s felt, experienced, and embraced.

Celebrity Series Boston / Photographer Robert Torres.

Sat, Dec 9

Chromic Duo – 11:00am
Family Programming – December Duos

We are Chromic Duo. We believe that, by slowing down, and looking at the smallest objects of the everyday, that we can uncover truths and reimagine how we connect with each other. Blending toy piano, electronics, and multimedia into genre-fluid performances and installations, we cultivate spaces to share stories inspired by our experiences as third-culture kids within the Asian-American diaspora.

Sat, Dec 9

Retro Baby – 7:00pm
Annie O presents at PAC NYC

Retro Baby is a 4-piece bundle of glitter & dynamite with one rule: sing along, if you know it! New Yorkers, Paige Siegwardt, Ryan Nicholls, Becca Andrews and Devon Perry deliver blow-after-blow of your favorite 80s/90s/2000s hits. They live to jam on the tastiest top hits – homemade musical snacks made with love and delivered directly to your ear holes.

Thu, Dec 14

IT-XPO – 5:30pm
Park Avenue Artists’ Oscillate

Hailing from Chicago, IT-XPO is an NYC based artist known for his unique blend of dub and house. His most recent EP, ‘Ripple’, was a gritty and minimal masterclass released through Oleeva Records. Expect a musical journey filled with twists and turns.

Fri, Dec 15

Chelsea Starbuck Smith & Adam Rothenberg – 5:45pm
Park Avenue Artists’ Spotlight

Acclaimed as a violinist of “compelling presence, fearless attack, and technical aplomb and bravado” (New London’s The Day), Chelsea Starbuck Smith is known for her infectious enthusiasm for the violin. Pianist, conductor, and music director Adam Rothenberg is a versatile young artist who has performed throughout North America and Europe in a wide array of projects, including chamber music, orchestral concerts, opera, and musical theater.

Sat, Dec 16

Squala Orphan and Hetep BarBoy – 11:00am
Family Programming – December Duos

Father and son duo celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop. Hetep BarBoy is an 8 year old MC from Brooklyn who studied at in the Bronx when his father, Squala Orphan, was teaching a Hip Hop Culture learning program for the youth. BarBoy embodied the art, becoming the world’s youngest MC. Now father and son hit the stage together, paying homage to the roots of Hip Hop while blazing a trail for the next generation.

Sat, Dec 16

Jenni Muldaur & Teddy Thompson – 8:00pm
Annie O presents at PAC NYC

The great country duets of the 60s and 70s are an American treasure. British singer-songwriter Teddy Thompson and New York folk-rock artist Jenni Muldaur both grew up decades and hundreds of miles from when and where these songs were recorded. Yet the poetry in the great country duets spoke to them. Now, Teddy and Jenni are sharing this music with new generations of fans with their achingly beautiful new album and tour.

Thu, Dec 21

sola system – 5:30pm
Park Avenue Artists’ Oscillate

sola system is a Nigerian, Brooklyn-based DJ with a penchant for black diasporic sound. Genre isn’t a boundary when it comes to how sola system weaves sounds together – from disco and house to hard grooves and afrobeats, sola system’s goal is to make you move. They are a member of Slick Down, a collective focused on electronic music’s roots in black culture.