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Lobby Stage

November 2023

Join us for an ongoing series of free entertainment and family programming on the Vartan and Clare Gregorian Stage in the PAC NYC lobby. Check the schedule below for times and details. Performances on our Lobby Stage are free and open to the public.

Armo  Photo: Stephanie Burger

Thu, Nov 2

Paluma Sound – 5:30pm
Park Avenue Artists’ Oscillate

Paluma Sound is a Brooklyn based electronic music producer known for creating atmospheric soundscapes with dark textures and nostalgic R&B samples. His catalogue evokes a deep, emotional response and his love for a wide range of music has been showcased on NTS and No Content radio. He translates that sound directly to the dance floor, weaving in and out of techno rhythms and soulful house.

Fri, Nov 3

Aba Diop and Jason Hosier – 6:45pm
Park Avenue Artists’ Spotlight

Aba Diop is a master percussionist, composer, and arranger in an unbroken ancestral line of Senegalese griots: the cultural lineage-holders foundational to African societies. He brings the intact lifeways from thousands of years into the TikTok era, He has toured internationally, holding audiences rapt as he performs with stunning precision and unbridled joy. Aba Diop will be joined by Jason Hosier.

Sat, Nov 4

Kaila Mullady – 11am and 2pm
Family Programming – Loops, Licks, Lyrics

Kaila Mullady is the 2015 & 2018 World Beatbox Champion who combines beatboxing, singing, and theater to push the boundaries of the human instrument. Kaila is a current member of the improv rap group Freestyle Love Supreme under the name Kaizer Roze. Her education platform, The Academy of Noise, helps people of all ages express themselves and find the power of their voice through beatboxing, writing, and storytelling.

Sat, Nov 4

Malika Zarra – 9:30pm
Annie O presents at PAC NYC

Moroccan award-winning singer/composer/producer, Malika Zarra is a multi- cultural shape-shifter, an enchantress who leaps effortlessly between seemingly unconnected languages and traditions, uniting them while utilizing each to further enrich the others.

Sun, Nov 5

Berklee Malaysian Association – 2:00pm
Civic Alliances Presents

The Berklee Malaysian Association proudly presents Highlights from Budaya. This extraordinary showcase presents a diverse range of performances that highlight the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia, infused with a modern twist. Prepare to be amazed as Malaysian melodies come to life in awe-inspiring ways during this unforgettable display of talent, creativity, and cultural fusion.

Thu, Nov 9

LINDA – 5:30pm
Park Avenue Artists’ Oscillate

Born and raised in Brooklyn, LINDA is one to watch with his powerful mix of high-energy techno, breaks, and groovy select tracks you won’t hear anywhere else, that is sure to get your body rockin’!

Fri, Nov 10

Vuyo Sotashe with Chris Pattishall – 6:45pm
Park Avenue Artists’ Spotlight

Acclaimed South African jazz vocalist Vuyo Sotashe and celebrated pianist/composer Chris Pattishall come together for an intimate and soulful evening of duets. Together they make music with a hushed vulnerability, a quiet invocation of community in the midst of turbulent times. In a program that will range from the Great American Songbook to South African Xhosa hymns, from Stevie Wonder to Laura Mvula, Sotashe and Pattishall bring the healing power of music to the forefront.

Sat, Nov 11

Alexia Bomtempo – 7:00pm
Annie O presents at PAC NYC

Alexia Bomtempo is an artist of multiple worlds. The Brazilian-American singer and songwriter has been heralded by The Washington Post as a “top-shelf Brazilian jazz musician” and has released five critically acclaimed albums as a solo artist. Her sound is individual and confidently feminine, navigating genres ranging from classic American song to exploratory Tropicália.

Wed, Nov 15

BMCC Live at Perelman Performing Arts Center – 2:30pm
Civic Alliances Presents

Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC/CUNY) is proud to present free performances from the college’s music as well as speech, communication, and theatre arts departments as part of our afternoon showcase series each month.

Thu, Nov 16

Park Avenue Artists’ Oscillate

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, DOGHOUSE is an open-format DJ bringing you the craziest mashups you’ve ever heard. He champions a unique blend of sounds that transcend all sorts of genres while staying true to his Nigerian roots. DOGHOUSE has slowly grown to be recognized for his track selections; bringing the audience raw, uncut rhythms that move the soul.

Fri, Nov 17

Marco Foster – 6:45pm
Park Avenue Artists’ Spotlight

Marco Foster is a singer / recording artist based in Brooklyn, New York, who reinvents classic songs of the past for a modern world. Stripping down these classics to nothing more than a voice and an acoustic guitar, Marco seamlessly showcases the timelessness of the songwriting while also highlighting the intimate timbre of his singing and dynamic guitar playing.

Sat, Nov 18

Mandible: Beatbox Champion – 11am and 2pm
Family Programming – Loops, Licks, Lyrics

Mark Martin (aka Mandible: Beatbox Champion) is a mixed vocal artist specializing in beatboxing and creative storytelling. Based in NYC, Martin combines beatboxing with theater, performing on Broadway in Freestyle Love Supreme, and winning the American Beatbox Championships in 2016. Martin believes strongly in the power of music to teach, heal, and bring people together.

Sat, Nov 18

Naomi Greene – 7:00pm
Annie O presents at PAC NYC

French-American harpist Naomi Greene isn’t the kind of singer-songwriter you’re used to. Greene’s music holds the power to suspend time and space. With ethereal harp arrangements and a tension storming just beneath the surface, she marries elements of indie pop and electro folk with grace and vulnerability, and has been compared to a French Dido or Lana Del Rey.

Thu, Nov 30

Zë – 5:30pm
Park Avenue Artists’ Oscillate

Zë (Zoë Ettinger) is an editor and writer living in Brooklyn. She began DJing while living in Barcelona six years ago, where she was inspired by the disco-house music tastes of her friends. Currently, most of her sets are dance-centric disco/soul, but if you catch her in the mood she’s liable to throw on some ambient techno or 90s rap.