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The March

Dec 10—16, 2023

By Big Dance Theater
Choreography by Tendayi Kuumba, Annie-B Parson, Donna Uchizono

What happens when we dance together? And what happens when we don’t?

An evening of contemporary dance in three parts, presented in-the-round. Created by an intergenerational trio of acclaimed choreographers, Tendayi Kuumba (recently seen in David Byrne’s American Utopia and For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow is Enuf), Big Dance Theater co-founder Annie-B Parson (David Byrne’s American Utopia), and Guggenheim Fellow Donna Uchizono (State of Heads) who have joined forces to interrogate our very human compulsion to move together in time. How does it change us, shape us, deepen us, and lift us? How has it been used, weaponized, sexualized, and politicized? What is the power of moving in precise unison? What happens when we dance together? And what happens when we don’t?

Co-commission with PAC NYC, American Dance Festival, Spoleto Festival USA and The National Center for Choreography at The University of Akron (NCCAkron).

Photos of Brooke Rucker, Hsiao-Jou Tang, and Devika Wickremesinghe by Jai Lennard.

It’s hard to do justice to the freewheeling brilliance of Big Dance Theater.

The New York Times 

Big Dance Theater’s work is always surprising, always thought-provoking, and always a joy to watch.

The Boston Globe 

Tendayi Kuumba
Tendayi Kuumba’s half body photo where she is carrying two bags. Long braided hair.
Tendayi Kuumba Choreographer
Annie-B Parson
Annie-B Parson smiling to the camera in a portrait photo. Straight black hair put down.
Annie-B Parson Choreographer
Donna Uchizono
Curved hand under her head. Straight black hair put down.
Donna Uchizono Choreographer

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